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Although since October 2, 2016 it is mandatory for companies to electronically interact with Public Administrations, by 2020 all Public Administrations will only make their notifications to companies electronically.


1. Who is required to receive the electronic notifications:

a) Legal persons (limited and limited companies)

b) Entities without legal personality: Communities of Property, Communities of Owners, Civil Companies).

c) Individuals who carry out a professional activity that requires compulsory membership  

d) For the moment, freelancers, except professionals, are not obliged to electronic notifications, but they can be voluntarily accepted.


2. Which Administrations will notify electronically:

a) Treasury

b) Social Security

c) Deputations:

d) Generalitat of Catalonia

e) Tax Agency of Catalonia

f) Town councils


3. What will they notify electronically:

All your communications: Municipal taxes, traffic fines, taxes, embargoes, Social Security requirements, State and Generalitat taxes, inspections, etc.


4. How Electronic Notification Works:   

 The Administration will give a period of 10 calendar days to access and open the electronic notification. If the deadline is not opened, it will be notified and the process will continue. Therefore, you will lose the ability to respond, to make allegations. In addition, the corresponding surcharges and interest may be imposed or suffer seizures.


This office offers to all obliged the possibility of monitoring and managing all electronic notifications of all Public Administrations for the peace of mind of the companies and to avoid unnecessary embargoes, penalties and surcharges. 


Our customers will be notified individually of the management of their electronic mailboxes and their operation. 

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.  




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