The Firm

GRUP8 Lawyers and Advisers started out in 1991 as a law firm specialised in labour, civil and fiscal law. The judicial vocation of its founding members was to create a chamber that would bring the legal world closer to the general public, and would carry out their work with passion, thoroughness and professionalism.

Our clients´ demands for a comprehensive management service more than just the usual legal advice lead us to create the Business Advice Area , which the aim of partnering clients through the whole process of creation and management of new companies.

Over the last 25 years, GRUP8 has been growing and broadening its portfolio of services and has become recognized as the benchmark in its region in the areas of legal assistance and fiscal management, accountancy, merchant and labour management for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and self-employed.

The experience obtained over the years has made it clear to us that the best way to manage a Company is to from an all-embracing 360º point-of-view, and in order to achieve this it is necessary to incorporate a legal vision.

During the period of our 25th anniversary we have incorporated new services in order to adapt to the current technological changes that we are all experiencing and to be able to deliver the services that our corporate clients require from any device and at any time.


The experience gained during these years has confirmed that the best way to manage a company is from a global perspective and cross.

Therefore GRUP8 offers comprehensive advisory and consulting services that responds to the needs of our customers in a changing and competitive business world.


No doubt that despite the years since its founding, one and all professionals working GRUP8 keep intact their enthusiasm and their willingness to serve, know only love our work and making your needs and problems to achieve excellence of service that we pursue every day.

New Services 2016

  • Newsletter with information about tax, trade, labour and about aids and subsidies
  • Private Area where you can consult online, 24hrs a day, the fiscal, labour, trade and accounting documentation of your company and communicate with your personal advisors
  • Private Area for the employees of the Company where they can view their pay slips, contracts and all documentation that the company considers of interest. We offer a new service for the employees without added cost.
  • Private Area for the management and monitoring of the corporate accounts, prepare bills and quotes, manage the bank accounts and, in general, to offer real-time overview of the company’s evolution.
  • With our own app you can use access all the aforementioned services from mobile devices

We are passionate about our work.

Welcome to the world of Group 8 Lawyers, Advisors and Consultants.