Flexible Remuneration Systems in Companies

Flexible Remuneration Systems in Companies

4 years ago

Flexible Remuneration Systems in Companies

Flexible Remuneration systems allow to increase the liquid salary available to workers each month without increasing labor costs for companies.
We are faced with incentive systems for workers with favorable taxation, which means that the withholding of payroll income decreases and, therefore, workers have more payroll money at the end of the month, without implying greater Cost to companies.

The current Flexible Remuneration systems are:

1. Food aids:

It is exempt from taxing up to € 11 / working day.

2. Nursery assistance for children from 0 to 3 years old

You are exempt from paying all aid, with no amount limit

3. Transportation Aid:

It is exempt from taxing up to € 1,500 per year, which corresponds to € 136.36 x 11 months

 Implementation of Flexible compensation systems:

The implementation requires that this option be included in the worker's contract, so part of the monetary remuneration is replaced by in-kind remuneration that is exempt from taxing in personal income tax. The company must give workers online vouchers, cards or online payment systems.

If you are interested in implementing these flexible compensation systems, you can contact the Labor Area of ​​this office.

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